FAQ #03

Q: What is there to see at Le Mans?

A: The main attraction at Le Mans is of cause the race itself but the mood of Le Mans, the atmosphere, the numerous merchandise shops and food booths together with the large amount of race interested people makes the special feeling at Le Mans.

Next to the main entrance is the museum. Here you will find a selection of old previously-raced-at-Le Mans cars.

Friday afternoon the spectators are heading for the old town of Le Mans where the drivers are on parade through the streets. The streets are converted to an aisle where the drivers are driven by in old historic open-top cars, and it is possible to have a talk and an autograph from the drivers. After the parade there are several possibilities to get something to eat and drink. The streets are filled with spectators warming up for the race, and this goes on long past midnight. p>

The fun fair at Le Mans is placed by the Dunlop bridge at the outside of the track. The faris wheel is placed down at the start/finish area.

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