FAQ #04

Q: Where is the best spots to watch the race from?

A: Every year nearly a quarter of a million people visits Le Mans and as a result it can get pretty crowdie with people everywhere. Therefore you can not expect to bring along a chair, place it next to the fence and follow the whole race from here. The track is so long, so it is not possible to follow it all from one position. Therefore we encourage people to take on your walking shoes and get around the track to experience all the variations:

Opposite the pit lane the grandstands and surroundings are full of spectators a couple of hours before the race start and race finish, but be here in the late afternoon or at night, and you have a great view of the pit lane, mechanics and cars racing by.

At Tertre Rouge you can follow the cars as the drives onto the Mulsanne straight. This is extremely powerful to watch at sunset.

There are free shuttle busses from the main entrance to the Arnage and Mulsanne corner. The busses departures from the parting lot opposite the main entrance. Notice that the busses stop serving for the night at 01.00 am. Sunday morning..

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