FAQ #09

Q: What should I bring along?

A: If you want to camp you need a tent or an autocamper. If you go for the tent, make sure it is water proof.

Bring both clothes for sunny 25° C and rainy 15° C. Also bring sun lotion and a cap or sunscreen. If your eardrums are specially sensitive, then a pair of ear plugs are reasonable.

As you have the opportunity to walk along most of trackside it is a must to bring a pair of good walking shoes, as you easily can walk a distance of 20-30 kilometres during the 24 hours.

To be able to get information about the race you will need a small FM pocket radio and listen to Radio Le Mans – commentary in English. Also bring a photo camera, as you will come very close to some of the worlds best race drivers and cars.

A small collapsible chair is also practical and comfortable when you don’t want to walk anymore. Just don’t expect to be able to sit down on your chair for the whole race event.

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